4. Duplex &
Duplex Ready Coating

All PrintFlood configurations can be converted

into DUPLEX READY or DUPLEX configurations.

Apply recto/verso coating in one pass

and flip-over sheets, on-the-fly!

Easily upgradable to Duplex READY

available for the whole range

When equipped with the Flipper, the whole configuration can produce double-sided work in two passes.  Every sheets will be automatically turned over preventing the operator having to physically turn sheets over by hand.  Sheets will run twice into the Ultra Coater.

Unique & true Duplex systems

recto/verso in one pass

Dedicated also to print providers printing photo-albums or on big format paper as it dramatically reduces operator's intervention and mistakes when paper has been printed in sequence.  Double-sided coating will be achieved in a single pass!

Upgrade with one flipper

Sequenced. Duplex. High-Capacity.

Non-stop production

It allows continuous production with less machine downtime.

One pass in true duplex

In complete Duplex, it doubles production!

Reduced paper handling

Paper does need to be turned over manually, hence higher productivity.

Improve dramatically your production

Less downtime. Higher productivity.

Ideal for recto/verso (photo albums)

Sheets are turned over and kept in the right sequence!

Increased productivity & performance

It allows more efficient & faster throughput.

High capacity feeding & stacking

Up to 750 mm of paper can be loaded, minimizing machine downtime.

Interested in duplex UV & AQ solutions?

Running Recto-Verso will reduce your production by half, let's discuss how.