2. Priming & Corona Treatment 

Priming & Corona pre-treatment of specific paper media is necessary to guarantee ink and coating adherence.

Priming Solutions

Improve ink receptivity

Digital press owners will be looking at the Priming solutions offered by the Ultra 100PRO, 300A and 1000A in order to optimize paper preparation. Priming will guarantee better ink transfer and adhesion onto paper substrates before printing on HP Indigo commercial digital presses.

PRIMING SPEEDS available on the PrintFlood AQ range:

13 metres/minute, 34 metres/minute & 45 metres/minute 

Corona Pre-treatment

With the dynemate range

The Ultra DM-100, 300, 1000 DyneMate  range will guarantee high frequency discharge that increases the media surface energy necessary to obtain sufficient wetting and ink adhesion on specific plastic, metallic paper or PVC before printing.

SHEET WIDTH FORMATS available on the DyneMate range:

350 mm, 530 mm or 750 mm

Priming available on:

Ultra 100PRO/300A & 1000A

Generate more cash & bring priming in-house.

Makes paper compatible with HP Indigo

Improve paper adhesion properties before printing.

Water-based priming

Refresh Corona treatment might be recommended to achieve proper wet-out and adhesion.

Optimize a wide variety of substrates

Suitable for commercial prints, packaging & labels applications.

Corona treatment available on:

DM-100/300 & 1000 

Optimize media wetting & adhesion.

High frequency discharge

Guarantee ink adhesion on difficult media substrates.

Adjustable dyne level

Reach up to 54 Dyne level (maximum). 

Three different width, in-line or off-line

Choose between 350, 530 or 750 mm width formats.

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