6. Spot Gloss & Full Gloss Dry Coating

The FoilCoaters utilize a specially formulated film that applies dry coating on toner (Spot Gloss) or full coverage (Full Gloss) on a sheet of paper.  When the film runs through the heat roller, the adhesive is melted and applied to the sheet giving a vibrant spot or full gloss effect.

FoilCoater DC-2

Easily upgradable

Print embellishment and print enhancing have never been so easy and straightforward.  Super-compact, simple, it does transform any back toner used in most digital presses into master pieces.  The plug and roll technololy is highly appreciated by operators who, within seconds, are becoming foiling experts.  Luxurious looking applications, made simple.

FoilCoater DC-30

Built-in air suction feeder

The FoilCoater DC-30 comes standard with an air suction feeder which makes it unique in its class.   A stack of 80 mm of SRA3 paper can be run without the operator's intervention!  Yet simple and easy-to-use, it allows to perform spot, full gloss, metallic foiling and lamination in one compact unit!

Easy digital embellishment

Simple. For everyone. Overprint.

"Plug & Roll" technology

No need for skilled operators, no set-up time required.

Tool-free & fast roll change

The tool-free Easyroll change system, fastest in the market.

Compact, practical, efficient

Its narrow paper path will guarantee minimal roll waste.

Professional print enhancing

Visual. Spot. Luxurious.

DC-30 : air-suction feeder

80 mm paper capacity air-suction feeder: unique in its class.

DC-30 : intuitive LED screen

Easy job selection & fast make-ready.

DC-30 : 4-in-1 combination

Metallic Foiling / Spot & Full Gloss Dry Coating / Gloss & Matte Lamination.

Interested in enhancing your cmyk prints with high-quality spot or full gloss?

Spot and Full Gloss made simple!  Why don't you ask for information?